Transformious helps clients to move from their legacy systems or previous generations to the latest EBS release. At Transformious, we have hands-on experience in implementing Oracle EBS at mid to large organizations. At the same time, our capabilities include full lifecycle implementation, data migration, integration and project management.


Our Oracle Application – Business Solutions competencies include:

  • Financial Management
  • Procurement
  • Manufacturing
  • Order Orchestration and Fulfillment


Application Services

We help you get the most out of your existing EBS through our process analysis deep-dive sessions. We initiate these programs by working with your team to identify opportunities for improvement, and designing end-to-end business processes to ensure your EBS operates as efficiently as possible through deep-dive sessions.


  • Standardization of Finance Processes
  • EBTax Integration
  • Business Requirements and Analysis
  • Master and transactional data cleansing and fast data migration
  • Global Compliance and Localizations including Latin America
  • Product Selection to support your Finance Transformation
  • Adhoc Services
    • Chart of Account Redesign
    • Oracle Subledger Accounting Customization
    • Oracle EBS Calendar Change
    • Accounts Payable Transformation
    • Accounts Receivable Transformation
    • General Ledger and Subledger Reconciliations
    • Master data cleansing and Fast Data Migration
    • Root Cause Analysis
    • Reconciliation


In today’s dynamic market, one must ensure their EBS application is able to meet business objectives. Therefore, it is important to enhance your Oracle EBS with the best method and approach, to ensure business processes are consistent with business goals. Transformious’s Oracle EBS upgrade roadmap enables your organization to increase ROI and reach new heights. Our service includes technical upgrade, review and elimination of customizations, and transitions to the latest release of Oracle EBS.


A business division’s duties often involve the sale or closing of business segments, such as plants or offices. Business data from the respective EBS and Legacy systems must be separated and transferred to a new system in an appropriate and consistent manner. When, for example, divisions are spun off or shut down, the data from Oracle EBS must be removed and transferred to the new owner or insolvency administrator.

Our approach of clone-and-delete Oracle EBS or accelerated EBS implementation is able to significantly reduce project cost.


Whether your Merger and Acquisition’s (M&A) strategic goal is to re-invent your company, increase or protect your market share, access new markets, achieve economies of scale or snap up weaker competitors – quite often the acquiring organization will inherit heterogeneous financial systems, charts of accounts, and accounting processes with each new acquisition.


At Transformious we can help you depending on your IT and Financial Performance Strategy:


  1. We can quickly integrate the acquired business into your existing Oracle EBS, or
  2. We can bring together financial data from disparate sources to create a single, global view of financial information across the entire enterprise.


Whilst globalization helps companies gain new customers and access new markets, companies must balance standardizing processes globally with meeting local statutory requirements and business processes.

Transformious can help you with addressing some of the complexities of doing business globally;

  • Local financial reporting
  • Local tax
  • Local costing
  • Local accounting requirements
  • Local statutory reporting