Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are software robots ‘bots’ that perform repetitive tasks through user interfaces. It is capable of interacting with your existing data sources and enterprise applications like Oracle, SAP, Microsoft etc) the same way your staff currently do.

RPA are essentially, functionally trained “robots” or digital employees capable of executing complex tasks just like human.


Provides significant reduction in operating costs.

Maximizes efficient use of constrained workforce – by freeing up employee’s team time to focus on customers (external or internal), and perform more value-added tasks that adds value to your organization.

Relieves the pressure on your organization as the Bots scale as the workload goes up.

Significantly improves delivery quality by eliminating data-entry errors.

Ensures data goes through the same rule for verification and consistency with the application’s business rule and logic.

Rapid ROI as Bots could have a one-to-one relationship with a worker depending on the activities being performed.


Any organization that performs manually-intensive and repetitive activities could benefit from RPA. The general rule of thumb for a process ready for Robotic Process Automation will include:

Is the activity repetitive and manually-intensive?

Is the activity rule based without human subjective assumptions?

Can the activity be templated or standardized?

Is the activity data input prone to error?

Is there a lot of staff involved in performing this activity? Can staff turnover impact this activity?


We help you identify and prioritize use cases for RPA from planning to implementation of RPA Software.

Our Service offering:


  • RPA Assessment and ROI calculation
  • Solution Proof of Concept
  • RPA Software Implementation
  • Training and Ongoing Support

Use Cases for RPA

Generate test data required for release testing

Suppliers and Customer master data propogation across multiple ERP

New Product and Item creation in ERP

ERP application configuration using a blueprint operational model

Regular currency exchange load in multiple ERP

Daily Cash Positioning

As a company with focus on improving core finance processes, we see the huge potential of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology as one of the biggest enabler for revolutionizing process efficiencies and increasing productivity. Especially, by automating core back-office processes, where there are generally several hot spots that can deliver rapid payback.